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Attributed to wikipedia user Tomtheman5
Attributed to wikipedia user Tomtheman5
Height614 feet

About Federal Reserve Bank Building

The Federal Reserve Bank Building is Boston's third tallest building. Located at Dewey Square, on the convergence of Fort Point and the Financial District neighborhoods. In close proximity are the Boston Harbor, the Fort Point Channel and major intermodal South Station terminal, the building is marked by a distinctive opening near ground level which allows sea breezes to pass through. The building was completed in 1977 and is 614 feet (187 m) tall with 32 floors. It was designed by Hugh Stubbins Jr. of The Stubbins Associates, Inc. and was reportedly one of his favorite buildings. For over sixty years Reserve Banks had been fortress-like in their design; the new Boston Bank was quite a contrast. It sometimes referred to as "the washboard" building or "Venetian Blind" building The main features are a two-tower with a glass front and aluminum-sheathed sides. From the Bank's website The office tower linked to a four-story wing was erected between December 1972 and November 1974. The architects designed the tower office floors that rise from a 140-foot bridge "suspended" in the air between two end cores.

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