Mather Tower


Height521 feet

About Mather Tower

Mather Tower or Lincoln Tower Building (as it is listed in the Michigan–Wacker Historic District contributing property listing) is a building located in Chicago, Illinois at 75 East Wacker Drive, in Chicago's downtown. Completed in 1928, the 41-story building rises 521 feet. The slender, octagonally-shaped upper section of the building has the smallest floors of any of Chicago's skyscrapers. Mather Tower was designed by architect Herbert Hugh Riddle to serve as the headquarters for the Mather Stock Car Company, which manufactured rail cars, especially for transporting livestock. The company's founder, Alonzo C. Mather, originally intended to build an identical skyscraper next to Mather Tower, but when the stock market crashed, plans for the second building were scrapped. In 2000 the four-story crown was demolished for safety reasons after pieces of terra cotta fell from the facade. A replacement was installed by helicopter on the weekend of November 23–24, 2002 from a barge on the Chicago River. The octagonal upper stories are now a private, members-only hotel (Club Quarters), with office space below.

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