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Height190 feet

About Praetorian Building

The Praetorian Building, also known as Stone Place Tower, is a high-rise building located at Main Street and Stone Street in the Main Street District of downtown Dallas, Texas (USA). The building, constructed in 1909, was the first skyscraper in Dallas and Texas and was the tallest building in the city until 1912. It is also classified as the first skyscraper to be constructed in the Southwestern United States, and sometimes considered the first skyscraper in the entire Western United States (depending on one's definition of "the West", this title could also go to the 1885 Lumber Exchange Building in Minneapolis, Minnesota). The Praetorian Building stands 190 feet (58 meters) tall containing 15 floors of office space. The Praetorian Tower was conceived as the national headquarters of the Praetorian Order, a fraternal insurance company based in Dallas. The mostly empty plot of land at Main Street and Stone Street had previously hosted the circus, medicine shows and college football events. In 1905 the Order announced a six story, fireproof building capable of expanding eight additional floors.

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