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Attributed to wikipedia user Countryboyjim77
Attributed to wikipedia user Countryboyjim77
Height269 feet

About Blackstone Hotel

Located on the corner of Fifth and Main Streets and at 268 ft/82 m tall, the Blackstone Hotel is the tallest hotel in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. It is noted for its art deco with terra cotta ornament with setbacks on the top floors. The hotel was constructed in 1929, and sat vacant for nearly 20 years. The Blackstone Hotel guest list is full of notable people including Presidents of the United States ranging from President Harry Truman to President Richard Nixon. The hotel was also host for a few movie stars. The building was restored in the late 1990s and is still in use today. The 23-story, 284 room Blackstone Hotel had its official grand opening on October 10, 1929. The hotel was built by cattleman C.A. "Gus" O'Keefe. The architects were Mauran, Russell & Crowell from St. Louis. The contractors were Bellows and Marclay. Famed Fort Worth resident Amon Carter was the first guest of the new Blackstone Hotel. Seventy years later, his daughter, Ruth Carter Stevenson, would be the first guest of the restored hotel after 17 years of vacancy. The structure was built with reinforced concrete, and the exterior boasted buff color brick with terra cotta ornament throughout.

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