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Attributed to wikipedia user Minnaert
Attributed to wikipedia user Minnaert
Height620 feet

About 611 Place

611 Place is a 620 ft(189 m) skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles, California, United States, located at 611 West 6th Street. 611 Place was designed by William L. Pereira & Associates and completed in 1967. The building was commissioned by the now-defunct Crocker Citizen's Bank, and served as its headquarters for many years before being bought by AT&T. It was the tallest building in Los Angeles upon completion, and the first building to surpass Los Angeles City Hall in terms of structural height (many buildings had surpassed City Hall with decorative spires, the first being Richfield Tower). It consists of a cross-shaped tower clad in vertical aluminum beams, and supported on its west side by an immense, blank slab of concrete running the entire height of the building, which is used to display corporate logos. The building has a strange habit of making unusual appearances in popular movies; it appeared twice in 2004, first in The Day After Tomorrow where it mysteriously appeared in shots of Manhattan, and later in Along Came Polly, where it was the starting point of an ill-fated BASE jump. 611 Place is also destroyed by an earthquake in the 2000 movie Epicenter.

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