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Attributed to wikipedia user Minnaert
Attributed to wikipedia user Minnaert
Height462 feet

About ARCO Tower

The ARCO Tower or 1055 West Seventh is a 462ft (141m) tall skyscraper in Los Angeles, California. It was constructed from 1988 to 1989 and has 25 floors. It is 32nd tallest building in Los Angeles, and the second tallest in Westlake. It has a very prominent position in the local skyline, as it across the 110 (Harbor) Freeway from the majority of the skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles and the only other nearby building taller than it is 1100 Wilshire. The building has a floor area of 205,054m² and was designed by Gin Wong Associates. The building was one of three ARCO Towers within blocks of each other in Los Angeles when constructed. It changed its name to 1055 West Seventh in 1998 due to ARCO relocating.

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