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Height926 feet

About 1101 Brickell

The 1101 Brickell Building is a planned skyscraper in downtown Miami, Florida, United States. It has been recently approved by the City of Miami and by the Federal Aviation Administration, and therefore construction is expected to begin soon. Completion of the building is unknown, while some speculate the building may start construction as soon as the "Late 2000's recession" ends. The building will be constructed at 1101 Brickell Avenue, in the southern part of Miami's Brickell Financial District. The majority of the space in the building will be used as condos. Retail on the lower floors will make up part of the tower. A parking garage will make up part of the bottom seven floors and the tower will be within walking distance of the Tenth Street Metro Station. The architect of the building is Kobi Karp Architecture. The skyscraper will be about 926 feet with almost 80 floors.

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