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Attributed to wikipedia user Sulfur
Attributed to wikipedia user Sulfur
Height601 feet

About U.S. Bank Center

For the sports and concert facility formerly called Firstar Center, see U.S. Bank Arena. U.S. Bank Center is a skyscraper located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, noted for being the tallest building in the state. It stands 601 feet (183 meters) and 42 stories tall. Topped off August 29, 1972 and completed in 1973, the building was originally named the First Wisconsin Center, as it was constructed for First Wisconsin National Bank. The building was engineered by Fazlur Khan, who had previously worked on the Sears Tower and the John Hancock Center. The bank's parent company changed its name to Firstar Corporation in 1988 as it expanded beyond the State of Wisconsin , and the building became known as Firstar Center in 1992 when the First Wisconsin brand was dropped and all retail banking operations were unified under the name Firstar Bank . Firstar Corporation took over U.S. Bancorp in 2001 and took the latter bank's name, and U.S. Bank Center obtained its current name in 2002. .

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