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Attributed to wikipedia user Sbacle
Attributed to wikipedia user Sbacle
Height412 feet

About Aramark Tower

Aramark Tower, formerly known as One Reading Center, is a high-rise building located in the Center City region of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The building stands at 412 feet (126 meters) with 32 floors, and is currently the 23rd-tallest building in Philadelphia. The building was originally conceived by the Reading Company while in a state of bankruptcy as a way to capitalize on its real estate holdings in center city. Reading was granted development rights for the building along with a large parking complex in exchange for granting the city easements for developing the Market East Station entrance in the ground floor of the adjacent Reading Terminal. Construction soon began and the building was completed in 1984. The architectural firm who designed the building was Bower Lewis Thrower (BLT) Architects of Philadelphia. Aramark Tower currently serves as the world headquarters for the ARAMARK Corporation.

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