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Attributed to wikipedia user TheZachMorrisExperience
Attributed to wikipedia user TheZachMorrisExperience
Height330 feet

About Frick Building

The Frick Building is one of the major distinctive and recognizable features of Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. The tower is named after Henry Clay Frick, an industrialist coke producer who created a portfolio of commercial buildings in Pittsburgh. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The tower was built directly adjacent to a building owned by Andrew Carnegie, on the site of Saint Peter Episcopal Church. Local legend states that Frick, who is rumored to have feuded with Carnegie after they split as business associates, had the building designed to be taller than Carnegie's in order to encompass it in constant shadow. The Frick Building was completed in 1902 and originally had twenty floors. A leveling of the surrounding landscape that was completed in 1912 caused the basement to become the entrance, so some sources credit the building with twenty-one stories. It rises 330 feet (101 m) above Downtown Pittsburgh. Its address is 437 Grant Street, and is also accessible from Forbes and Fifth Avenues. The building's architect was D.H. Burnham & Company.

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