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Dane Brian
Dane Brian
Height45 feet

About Twelve west

twelve | west is a 22-floor, mixed-use apartment and office building located in downtown Portland, Oregon, United States. The building is home to INDIGO @ twelve | west apartments and ZGF Architects LLP. During design and construction the building was known as “12W” and “ZGF Tower”, but the name changed after a naming contest in July 2009. Initial plans included a hotel and a total of 31 floors, but they were revised after the hotel company withdrew. Four 45-foot-tall (14m) wind turbines are mounted on the roof for the purpose of research and generating electricity. The turbines are expected to generate 9,000 kilowatt hours yearly and provide data on wind flows and bird-strikes. There are three distinct uses for twelve | west in separate parts of the building. Floor 1 provides retail space, a building lobby, and garage access. Floors 2–5 are offices, currently the headquarters of ZGF Architects LLP, the architect of the building. Floors 6–23 comprise the INDIGO @ twelve | west apartments.

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