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Height263 feet

About Umpqua Bank Plaza

Umpqua Bank Plaza is a 19-story tall office tower in Downtown Portland, Oregon, United States. Faced with red brick, the structure is 263 feet (80 m) tall and has 265,000 square feet (24,600 m) of space. Opened in 1975 at a cost of $16 million, the building was designed by Wolff, Zimmer, Gunsul, Frasca (now known as ZGF Architects). Originally named the Benjamin Franklin Plaza after tenant Benj. Franklin Savings and Loan, the building was renamed after current tenant Umpqua Holdings Corporation. Construction began in 1974 on the 19 story structure, with plans to name it after a construction materials company that was to call it home. Construction ended in 1974 on the $16 million dollar project, but the namesake suffered economic setbacks and did not move into the building, leaving it nameless. The building opened in 1975, and Benjamin Franklin Federal Savings and Loan Association moved their headquarters to the building and were able to get the building named as the Benjamin Franklin Plaza. When Benjamin Franklin moved into the 19th floor, cast iron pieces from the demolished Ladd Building were added as the CEO was a fan of the old look.

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