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Height180 feet

About One Citizens Plaza

One Citizens Plaza is a 13-story office building in Providence, Rhode Island situated at the confluence of the Moshassuck and Woonasquatucket Rivers. It is the headquarters of Citizens Bank. Standing at 180 feet (55 m), One Citizens Plaza is tied with the Brown University Sciences Library as the 13th-tallest building in the city. Finished in 1991, the building had been the first new high-rise in the city in over a decade. It was designed by Jung/Brannen Associates and Robinson, Green, & Beretta. Local architectural historian McKenzie Woodward does not agree aesthetically with the building, calling it "squat" and "graceless" due to its "dumpy massing and heavy detailing" in his book Guide to Providence Architecture, though he concedes that the floorplan is effective and that its location makes it very desirable commercial space.

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