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Attributed to wikipedia user Mikerussell
Attributed to wikipedia user Mikerussell
Height258 feet

About Kales Building

The Kales Building is a high-rise apartment building in downtown Detroit, Michigan. It's located 76 West Adams at the northeast corner of Adams Avenue West and Park Avenue, across from Grand Circus Park, in the Foxtown neighborhood, just north of Downtown. The building was designed by Albert Kahn and constructed in 1914, and stands at 18 floors, with one basement floor, for a total of 19 floors in height. It was originally named the Kresge Building and it was given its current name in 1930. When completed in 1914, the Kales Building housed the headquarters of the Kresge Corporation, forerunner of retailing giant K-mart. The Kresge Corporation only ocupied 9 of the 18 floors. The rest of the floors was leased out to doctors and dentists and the storefronts included a pharmacy. The Kresge Company moved out of the building in 1930 for a new headquarters at Cass Park and the old headquarters remained a prime location for medical offices. The Kales building began to lose tenants in the 70s as Downtown Detroit declined. The last tenant moved out of the building in 1986 and it sat vacant during the next decade.

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